Home Sweet Home!

We are all moved in! The house is set up! The whole family is home, living together in Oshkosh! Lucien and I flew in three weeks ahead of Daddy so that we could get the house all set up and organized, then he flew in this week. Lucien and I were both beyond excited to pick him up at the bus depot, bring him home, and show him around our new house and our new neighborhood. And now that the house is organized and my husband is here, I finally have the time to take pictures and post a virtual tour!

First, the room that was most fun for me to decorate – Lucien’s play room! He has a full bookshelf, fun pictures and wall decals, a (write-on) world map with dry erase marker, a padded window seat, and oodles of cube storage. He also has an appropriately sized table and chairs, for eating snacks, drawing, crafting, and reading. He currently has his cup of tea sitting there. (Please excuse the dismal lighting; it has been dark and gloomy here lately.)

photo 1 (41) photo 5 (25)

Also, notice the piano and Suzuki music book. We start Suzuki piano lessons next month, right after his fourth birthday!

photo 2 (43)

One of Lucien’s favorite activities is playing shop with his toy food – or real food, for that matter. He now has a kitchen + shop on wheels, and boy, has it ever gotten a lot of use! He even likes to eat his breakfast there. For those rare occasions when he is not using his shop, we can collapse and roll it into the corner, right underneath the Dr Seuss clock and Winnie the Pooh picture. (The latter was a gift from his great grandfather, which we shipped to Hawaii and then back.)

photo 3 (35) photo 4 (32)

We have lots of books in our living room, too. I made a cozy reading corner by the couch with a book rack for all our library finds. And then we have a couple of very full bookshelves for Mom and Dad’s books.

photo 1 (42) photo 4 (33)

I put a big photo wall in the dining room, featuring plenty of happy memories from Hawaii. And I managed to squeeze in more bookshelves. This one has scrapbooks, homeschooling materials, and read-alouds. I really like the Usborne Illustrated series, as you can tell by looking at the top shelf!

photo 2 (44) photo 3 (36)

photo 5 (26)Also in the dining room, we have a view of the staircase and railing that Lucien loves to climb. The little monkey!

Upstairs, Lucien’s bedroom was also a lot of fun to put together. It is all in blue, with a Noah’s Ark / animal sort of theme.

photo 3 (34) photo 4 (31)

His stuffed animals have their own ladder bookshelf, and Lucien has his own cozy reading corner, complete with blankets, pillows, lots of books, traditional bookshelves, and forward-facing bookshelves.

photo 1 (39) photo 2 (41)

We also have a mud room! We have feet in our shoes, but mahalo for removing those shoes when we are in the house!

photo 1 (40) photo 2 (42)

Lucien was a big helper organizing the kitchen and even cooking!

photo 3 (37) photo 1 (43)

Eating is also a lot of fun.

photo 4 (34)

But sharing food with friends is even better.

photo 2 (45)

We are loving our new house, new neighborhood, new activities, and new friends.

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