Outer Space, Sailing, and Planfulness

photo 2 (40)I have been looking for some inspiration for new plans, ideas, and schedules in our home learning life, and since I am such a type A, planner sort of person, I thought that a homeschool planner might be a great boost for us. I was indeed correct. And beside, with Lucien getting closer to actual school age, it is probably wise for me to get in the habit of documenting. I ordered this planner, which I love, shortly after my birthday. It arrived mid-June, and I decided to start my first calendar at the beginning of July. I rounded up some colorful pens and got to work!

Lucien has been very interested in outer space lately, so I created an outer space book basket with both fiction and non-fiction options, planned a trip to the planetarium to explore the exhibits and watch a planetarium show, and came up with a few fun activities for at home.

Lucien had been working hard at writing his name, so I cut out some shapes and he practiced tracing his name, and then gluing to make a rocket ship.

photo 3 (32) photo 2 (38)

Our word wall was another opportunity for pasting and spelling practice. We have completed the whole alphabet, A-Z, and Lucien keeps coming up with more words he wants to add.

photo 1 (38)We had some more fun with science; we did color mixing with watercolor paints, and then made the water “walk” up chromatography paper. Lucien ended up with some cool designs. He also used the watercolors for their intended purpose: making a painting. 

Lucien also joined in my planning spree. We wrote out all the activities for the month on our giant white board calendar, practicing the numbers and the letters in July. We drew a big circle around the 28th, the day we will be moving to Wisconsin.
photo 5 (24)This week, in addition to our planetarium trip, we had on our calendar a trip to the zoo, a trip to the library for summer reading program (we are up over 250 books now!), a trip to another library for story time, and two Discovery Center days. Lucien was over the moon because Dad got to come and see the Discovery Center for the first time this week.

And what an absolutely wonderful Wednesday we had. A morning trip to the Discovery Center was followed by lunch in the park, which was followed to a trip to the Hilton lagoon, where we splashed in the water and dug our toes in the sand and waited to board a sailboat for an hour-long cruise around Waikiki. What a wonderful time!

photo 5 (23) photo 1 (37) photo 4 (29)

And as if that wasn’t enough fun for one day, afterward Lucien and I piled in the car with Grandma to go meet Dad, Grandpa, and Uncle Justin for the Uncle Wayne and the Howling Dog concert. This is the third concert of theirs that Lucien had attended, and he was so looking forward to it! We now have all of their CD’s, as well as matching Uncle Wayne tee shirts. Lucien enjoyed a picnic dinner and visiting with family, then he went and sat right up front. He danced with me and sang along and raced me around during the motorcycle race song. It was such a fantastic, full, family-oriented day!

photo 2 (39) photo 3 (33) photo 4 (30)

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