Summer Fun

We are enjoying summer in Hawaii! Zoo, beach, parks, to be sure. And we escape the heat with lots and lots of library visits! We went to the summer reading kickoff party at the state library downtown. It was a Superhero-themed Bon Dance – only in Hawaii! We watched traditional dance and listened to drum beats, got our pictures taken with the superheroes, and signed up for the summer reading program. We are supposed to record in our log all the books we read over the summer. We have already completely filled up the first log – 130 books! – and we are over 70 books into our second log. Recent favorites have been The Magic School Bus and anything about science, Where the Wild Things Are, and The Magic Nesting Doll.

photo 1 (32) photo 5 (20) photo 3 (28) photo 2 (33)

We also attended a special library show by the Fairy Grandmother – a superhero-themed magic show! Lucien happily reminisced about our previous encounters with the Fairy Grandmother, and delighted in her magic tricks.

photo 3 (30) photo 5 (22) photo 4 (27)

Another library program we recently attended was a concert by Uncle Wayne and the Howling Dog Band – they provide folksy-style musical edu-tainment with Hawaiian flair. We learned through fun songs about coral reefs, humpback whales, sea turtles, and environmental stewardship. Lucien loved them so much we hunted down their schedule and attended their very next concert – we had a picnic dinner outside the Mission Houses museum downtown, discovered some traditional toys and played in the yard, then sang and danced along to the music. We also bought a shirt and CD for Lucien, and I think we all know all the songs by heart now!

photo 5 (21) photo 1 (34)

Thanks to Grandma Carmen we had a fantastic opportunity to ride a submarine just off the coast of Waikiki. We saw lots of colorful fish and counted four different honu. We saw first hand the animals Uncle Wayne sings about! We dove down over 100 feet and saw wrecked ships and a submerged airplane. Lucien is still talking about the fish and the “fish buffets” – where plants are growing on the wrecks, and the fish hide out and eat.

photo 2 (37)photo 3 (29) photo 4 (26)

We also continue our frequent visits to the Bishop museum. Lucien’s favorite spot is the planetarium. We even got to watch a new show about Pluto and the New Horizons spacecraft that will soon be snapping pictures of it. We learned about telescopes and how people discovered the planets. We learned about all the different Kuiper Belt Objects orbiting the sun. It was fascinating for me, too! Joanne is the person who usually gives talks in the planetarium, and she was there as sulu that day. As we were waiting to enter, Lucien said to me: “I like Joanne. Let’s tell her that I like her when we go in!” And as we walked past Joanne, he said in his loud, clear, cheerful voice “Joanne, I like you!” On the way out he insisted we stop and talk to Joanne again, and he said to her, “Joanne, I liked the show!” Such a sweet boy!

photo 1 (33)We have been reading a lot at home about science, gravity, and outer space, and Lucien can answer a lot of Miss Frizzle’s questions. I am impressed with how much he can absorb and comprehend. We sometimes take Miss Frizzle along with us to Starbucks for some iced coffee and ice water. Perfect way to escape the heat!

photo 1 (35)
Another fun summer activity? Feeling the wind in your hair! Lucien loves when I pull him through the parking lot on his skateboard. We tied a jump rope up to it, and we got some serious speed. Things got even better, though, when dad came home from work and tied then other end of that jump rope to his bike!

We have also been having fun with friends, learning, playing – and climbing! – at the Discovery Center, drawing, coloring, and even practicing our letters.

photo 4 (28) photo 2 (35) photo 3 (31)

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