Doctor Seuss Day!

I have been so busy with Lucien I haven’t had a chance to check in here online, but I wanted to post just a few pictures of the fun celebration we had earlier this week for Dr Seuss’s birthday (which was Monday, March 2).

photo 1 (18)When we visited the Discovery Center over the weekend, they were  already prepared with some decorations. Lucien posed as Thing 1.

Lucien made his own Cat in the Hat hat by gluing scraps of red and white paper, and Lucien and I took turns wearing it.

I also made Cat in the Hat kebabs (actually slices of strawberry and banana) to go along with dinner. We talked about birthdays, and how sometime we mark birthdays even after people have died, as a way of remembering them and celebrating their accomplishments.

20150304-090418.jpg photo 3 (16)

The morning of Dr Seuss’s birthday I had the hat out and waiting, along with a selection of Doctor Seuss books for Lucien to pick from for our morning reading.

photo 4 (15) photo 5 (14).

Breakfast – no surprise – was green eggs, colored with broccoli, which is Lucien’s favorite green vegetable.

photo 1 (19)

We read Green Eggs and Ham and Hooper Humperdinck (twice – I was thrilled that Lucien enjoyed this new selection so much. We talked about how Dr Seuss incorporated the alphabet into the book. I saw this lightbulb go on for Lucien when he figured out that the children’s names followed the letters of the alphabet. It was so fun and gratifying for me to see him figure it out, and he was so proud. We read it again, naming out the letters of the alphabet as we read.

We also read The Cat in the Hat, and Lucien requested another hat kebab, which I happily supplied.

A fun afternoon activity was making our own oobleck using glitter glue and liquid starch. Lucien had fun pouring and mixing, getting his hands dirty, and washing off in the outdoor sink!

photo 2 (21) photo 3 (17) photo (3)

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