Adventures with Lucius #2 – In which they go to the ranch.

Words – ?? [I didn’t use any]

Lucius and Eleanor go on an excursion to ride horses. On the way, out their neighbor Sophia asks to go. Mom grudgingly accepts. (Add in a sweet whiny voice “Lucien I can play with you later!!!”)

They get there, but Pete has to stay in the car; mom keeps the window cracked.

As soon as they’re gone, Pete sneaks out and runs to play with the sheep. (He said he likes to herd animals).

Lu is bored with the riding lessons. Luckily, Pete comes and gives Lu an idea (via the dog translator). The plan is to put a bunch of burrs under the instructor’s saddle.

As soon as the instructor sits back, the horse goes crazy and all the riders go at an incredibly fast pace. Eleanor and Sophia get sick. The instructor’s horse abruptly stops at a creek; the instructor lands face first in the water.

Instructor asks who put the burrs under the saddle. Lucien blames Sophia; Sophia can’t defend herself because she’s so sick.

Before the instructor says anything, Lucius feels bad and confesses; says he was scared. Instructor accepts apology and the two leave the Eleanor and Sophia behind to go on a fast ride.

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