Adventures of Lucius #2 – In which Lucius attends an art museum and defaces a picture

Words: Marker, to pee, hairy.

  • Lucius, Eleanor, and Pete the Pup go to the art museum on the hill (like the one by Tantalus).
  • They look at a life size picture of a horse. Lucius likes it; Pete is afraid.
  • They see an exhibit of Lucius-sized Menehune made of clay; Lucius likes it because he’s never seen adults his size.
  • They see a man drawing a picture with Sharpie markers on the wall for his exhibit.
    • Lucius asked the man questions; the man answers that it reflects the inherent evil and greed in the world.
    • Lucius says he does not feel “filled with greed and evil”; the man replies that that is due to Lucius’ youth.
    • When the man goes out, Lucius talks with Pete via the dog translation device.
    • They decide to “fix” it. So Lucius finds a Sharpie in Eleanor’s purse and adds big boobs to the woman and facial hair to the man. (Big boobs and facial hair make people look happy).
    • At Pete’s behest, Lucius adds flowers. He wants to make them yellow, so he pees on them.
  • The man returns and does not like Lucius’s changes.
  • The man leaves; when he comes back, he tells Lucius how happy he is and how Lucius’ “buxom,” happy woman and “hairy, happy hippy” made him happy.
  • Lucius showed the man that the world is not all full of greed, evil, and malevolence.
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