Starting the New Year

Happy New Year, Lucien! He woke up on January 1 to find a set of finger puppets wrapped up on his table. I cut and taped and old cardboard box to use as a puppet theatre and acted out a short puppet skit to give him some inspiration, then he proceeded to put on several musical puppet shows. Later in the day he decided the theatre would look better with a coat of paint, so we took out cardboard out back and got our hands dirty with the finger paints.

photo 1 (3) photo 2 (3)
January 2 he woke to find some new play doh toys, so we spent a great deal of the morning at a play doh construction site, making and hauling logs and bricks. We also made some play doh cakes and cupcakes, complete with frosting and decorations, and he sold them to me at his “bakery.”

photoJanuary 3 he found a scissor skills workbook, and that occupied him for the longest time. He didn’t even want to stop for breakfast, so I had to tempt him with bacon 🙂 He was so proud of his first completed page, which he did without any help at all from me! The second page involved pictures of food. Instead of following the directions in the book, he decided he wanted to cut out the pictures and add them to his collection of toy food, so he could play pretend picnic or shop with it. So that is what we did – he even insisted that Dad bring along those cut-out pieces of food when they went to the park together.

After a long, fun morning at the park with Dad, Grandpa, and Auntie Nicha, Lucien came back home and spent another good chunk of time with that workbook, cutting and pasting numbers in proper sequence and cutting out food to match with animals in a “Who eats what?” game. He wanted to do his own thing, and tried to convince me that  cows would never ever want grass, and owls should eat grass instead of mice, even though he knows perfectly well what their natural diets are! He certainly is an independent free-thinker.

A walk to our local library and a family dinner rounded out a fun and busy day for Lucien. More on family dinner time in another post – it is usually a riot!

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