Counting Down Until Christmas

We are doing our best to stay occupied and pass the time until Christmas comes. Lucien is so excited. Every day we count down the days on our fingers – usually multiple times. Hey, it is great math practice!

Lucien’s beloved Discovery Center just celebrated their birthday with a huge weekend party. There were oodles of bubble wands in the outside play area, a sand table where he could dig for buried treasure, and several craft projects. Lucien was particularly enthralled with the wind catchers. He made his own, and when we returned home directed me just how to hang it. We now watch it from the kitchen window and discuss the weather!

photo 3 (94) photo 1ddphoto 2dd

Also on the topic of science, Dad helped Lucien catch a big, fat caterpillar at Grandpa’s garden. They brought it home, and we got to watch it curl up and form it’s chrysalis. We checked on it periodically over the course of one morning, as it transformed before our eyes from a caterpillar to a striped, lumpy ball, to a smooth green chrysalis.

photo 3 (93) photo 4 (78)

And even more animal science exploration is happening at our house – Lucien’s monthly box installment of the Clifford science kit arrived in the mail! So far we have caught and observed bugs in the big house, explored dirt and grass and insects with the magnifying glass, and made homemade play doh which we used to make a cast of an animal footprint. And there are still many more experiments left to complete!

photo 2cc photo 1cc

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