Christmas is Coming!

Lucien is getting really excited for Christmas. He loves opening up the door of his Playmobil advent calendar every night, adding the new figurines to Santa’s workshop, and arranging and rearranging them!

photo 1menWe made Paleo gingerbread men! Lucien had fun working the food processor, dumping the ingredients, sampling the batter, rolling the dough, cutting out the gingerbread men, and then eating the finished product! The recipe was rather long and involved compared to what we usually make, and the rolling and cutting required a great deal of patience and fine motor skill, but he was a great helper all the way through. And the finished product was rather delicious, the whole family had to agree.

photo 3 (92) photo 2men

I also found a cute idea for a Christmas card craft. Lucien used his fingerprints to make a wreath, then we worked together to “decorate” it with ribbon, holly berries, and tinsel. After having completed the craft, Lucien decided we should play mailman, so we delivered the Christmas card to each other, and to several of Lucien’s toy animals.

photo 1wreath xphoto 2

photo 2 (100)We stopped to see the city lights display again this week. It’s a fun activity, and right next to the State library, so why not? We also drove past the outdoor lights display at night so that Lucien could see everything illuminated.

We also visited the Aina Haina library for story time and saw a very special visitor – Santa! Lucien and I listened to stories from Miss Alice, the librarian, then Santa shared buttonphotothe story behind “A Visit From Saint Nicholas” and recited the poem for all of us. Lucien and I had our picture taken with Santa and then turned that picture into a lovely Christmas ornament during craft time. Lucien also made an adorable wreath ornament by stringing green bottle caps and beads on a pipe cleaner. He worked so diligently and was so pleased when he had successfully strung all of the pieces.

photo 3 (91) photo 4 (77)

photo 1trainAt home, Lucien has been quite an engineer. His building blocks served as supports for a “super tall hill that the trains can just whoosh down.”

photo 4 (76)He also designed a road for his cars – H1, he informed me – and then made barricades. The cars all had to stop because the baby chicks would not get out of the road, and there was a great big traffic jam, just like on the real H1.

photo 3 (90)We continue to play at the Discovery Center. Recently Lucien has taken an interest in the microscopes. He has decided: “When I grow up I am going to grow up to be a scientist. And if you are ever sick you can just ask the scientist and he will help you to get better. And I will figure things out and answer questions.” Sounds good to me!

And here is our recent daily reading list:

1. Great Joy (A beautiful Christmas story by Kate DiCamillo.)

2. Stranger in the Woods (Lucien loves the photographs in this winter tale.)

3. The Little Fir Tree

4. Little Critter’s Christmas Book

5. Here Comes Santa Claus (A story book based on the song. The illustrations tell the story of a boy who gets his Christmas wish – a puppy. So sweet and heartwarming! Lucien asks for it again and again.)

6. The Friendly Beasts (Another book based on the song.)

7. What Santa Can’t Do

8. The Night Before Christmas

9. Minerva Lousie on Christmas Eve

10. Minerva Louise the Mixed-Up Hen

11. The Christmas Robin

12. Louise: The Adventures of a Chicken (I absolutely adore this book by Kate DiCamillo. She has a great sense of humor that both Lucien and I can appreciate, and she uses rich and interesting language.)

13. Gus and Grandpa and the Christmas Cookies

14. Gus and Grandpa and the Two-Wheeled Bike

15. Angelina at the Fair

16. Angelina’s Baby Sister

17. Angelina and the Princess

18. Going West (This is from the My First Little House Books series.)

19. The Berenstain Bears Go To The Doctor

20. Merry Christmas, Amelia Bedelia

21. Don’t Wake Up The Bear

22. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (One last story/song book we sang before bed!)

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