Some Science and Lots of Math Fun with Pete

Lucien loves Pete the Cat! We have been spending lots of time reading Pete books this week – and doing Pete-inspired math. I checked out Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons from the library. Lucien loves reading along with me, shouting out “Goodness, no!” where appropriate and responding to the questions in the book …. One button popped off and rolled away. How many buttons are left? So we have been practicing our subtraction.
We were playing shop with Lucien’s toy cash register when he remarked that the register was also a functioning calculator. He enjoyed making numbers appear on the screen for a few minutes, then I showed him how the calculator could do math problems. “Pete had four buttons but one popped off and rolled away. How many buttons are left?” Lucien told me the correct answer, then I showed him how to type “4 – 1 =” on the cash register. He was positively gleeful to discover the cash register could give him the correct answer. I have him more and more word problems inspired by Pete the Cat. “When Pete and Bob were at the beach Pete had one sandwich and Bob had one sandwich. How many sandwiches did they have together?” Lucien told me “two,” then typed “1 + 1” on the cash register. More squeals of glee when the cash register gave him the correct answer! We made a game of “testing” the cash register to see if it kept giving us correct answers. We had over fifteen minutes of word problems and giggles and typing – a fantastic, fun math class.
buttonphotoAnd that fun puppet show at the library this week, where Lucien got to stand up on stage as Rudolph? Well, the puppeteer also brought out one new, special, non-Christmas guest …. Pete the Cat! She was excited to introduce the kids to her newest puppet, and Lucien and I were thrilled that we got to see Pete in another venue. Lucien sang right along with the “Four Groovy Buttons” song. Notice how one of the buttons popped off and rolled right in front of him?
We also did a little bit of science this week – one last experiment from the Clifford science kit. Lucien mixed together dough to make a volcano, then made a baking soda and vinegar explosion. He was thrilled to see how big the bubbles got.
volcaonphoto 1
And since I am short on pictures in the post, I will add one cute shot from the Discovery Center – Lucien playing in the medieval castle exhibit with his friend Lauren.
And last but not least, here is our daily reading log. No matter how many fun activities we do, Lucien and I always carve out lots of time to snuggle and read together.

1. Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

2. Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses

3. Pete the Cat Saves Christmas

4. Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

5. Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach

6. Henry and Mudge: Under the Yellow Moon

7. Poppleton (Anything that Cynthia Rylant writes is a hit with Lucien! We are branching out from Henry and Mudge to Poppleton – we have a new favorite character!)

8. Poppleton and Friends

9. Poppleton in Winter

10. The Christmas Book (This book belonged to me when I was a child!)

11. Hondo and Fabian

12. Snowshoe Thompson

13. Gus and Grandpa and the Christmas Cookies

14. Tillie and the Wall

15. A Little Prairie House (This is a picture book version of Little House on the Prairie.)

16. Highlights High Five

17. We Three Kings

18. Merry Christmas, Stinky Face

19. Ming Lo Moves the Mountain (A new library find, by Arnold Lobel.)

20. I Like Me

21. Mockingbird

22. Sailing Off To Sleep

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