Christmas Craftiness

photo 1 (100)We have been celebrating the Christmas season with lots of fun and crafts this week. Lucien got out his play doh and decided to make candy canes – with stripes, because they must have stripes!
Then he requested that we make our own play doh – and it must be cinnamon-scented. Where he gets these ideas, I do not know! But I gathered the ingredients and he helped me measure, dump, and mix. Making the dough is half the fun! After it was thoroughly mixed he went to work at his pretend bakery rolling and cutting out yummy-smelling Christmas cookies.
photo 2 (98) playdohphoto 1
We also did a simple painting craft this week using, off all things, plastic Easter egg halves! Lucien swirled them around in paint and then went to town decorating his tree with round “ornaments.” We hung the finished product up on our wall.
photo 4 (74) photo 5 (43)
photo 2 (97)One of our highlights from this week was visiting the city lights exhibit at the Honolulu Hale. Lucien still remembers visiting last December, and asked periodically throughout the year when Santa and the Christmas trees would be back. He was thrilled to see the construction equipment there beginning to work in the first week of December, and even more excited when I told him the lights were on and we could go visit! His face just lit up when we arrived, and I couldn’t resist a selfie right there in front of Santa! There was such joy and wonder in his face as we looked at all the trees
photo 3 (87) photo 5 (42)
photo 4 (73)
And as he pushed the button to make it some inside the giant snow globe. I am so grateful to experience Christmas again through a child’s eyes.
I am one proud mama, because Lucien got to go on stage and be part of a puppet show! There was a special holiday puppet show at our library this week, and the puppeteer chose Lucien as a volunteer – he got to star as Rudolph, and help sing along to ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!’
We also got to see a Santa marionette, and hear lots of stories about the North Pole, but seeing Lucien standing confidently up in front was by far the best part of the day for me!
photo 4 (75)photo 3 (89)
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