A Quick Check-In

It has been a laid-back week with family. We took a few trips with Grandpa to the park and the Discovery Center and the library, and we have been getting in the holiday spirit! We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma Carmen’s house. Grandma made some delicious turkey and ham (Much to Lucien’s delight!), while we contributed a Paleo dessert. Lucien helped cook. He helped measure and dump. He helped taste test. And he helped eat. Mmmmm, PB cup pie! How big of a bite can I fit in my mouth?

P1040640 P1040638 photo 2 (89) photo 1 (92)

We also decorated our Christmas tree and wrapped some more presents. The house is looking very festive. (Oh, and we have continued working on our word wall – evidence in the background.) Lucien loves helping with the wrapping.

photo 3 (80)photo 4 (65)

Lucien is still showing lots of interest in practicing his pre-writing skills. He loves workbooks, and asks for them regularly, so that is what we are doing! Just yesterday he flew through ten pages in his Kumon tracing workbook. Good thing that there are more workbooks under that tree.

We have also been getting out some Christmas books to read together. Lucien is still requesting book after book after book. “Read another story!” Here is our reading list from yesterday:

1. The Christmas Book

2. Winter’s Gift (Beautiful book, beautiful illustrations, beautiful message, by Jane Monroe Donovan.)

3. Christmas Trolls (A fun book with a sweet message by Jan Brett.)

4. Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve (This is another fun Brett book.)

5. Christmas Eve (A simple and elegant book by Clement Hurd.)

6. The Runaway Bunny (Lucien pulled this classic off the shelf for me to read.)

7. Camille’s Team (This is from Stuart Murphy’s “I See I Learn” series. Lucien loves all these books and requests them again and again. The characters model social skills in a way that really seems to click for him.)

8. Percy Gets Upset (Also from the “I See I Learn” series.)

9. Emma’s Friendwich (Also from the “I See I Learn” series.)

10. Thomas and the School Trip (We went on a trip to the library and Lucien spied a shelf of Thomas the Tank Engine easy readers. He pulled down a pile and then we both sat down right there and read them together.)

11. Go Train, Go

12. Thomas and the Jet Engine

13. Trouble in the Tunnel

14. Blue Train, Green Train

15. The Kissing Hand (We picked up this old favorite by Audrey Penn when we stopped at the library.)

16. A Pocket Full of Kisses (Lucien was thrilled to find another story about Chester Raccoon. We read it together for the first time. It is rather sweet, just like the first, and I will keep this title in mind if Lucien ever has a little brother or sister!)

17. How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends (This is another good book I found that helps us to discuss playing together with other children.)

18. George and Martha: One Fine Day (The George and Martha books by James Marshall are all very cute. Lucien tells me he wants to pick up more George books on our next trip to the library.)

19. Wings: A Tale of Two Chickens (This was a fun adventure story, also by James Marshall.)

20. Henry in Love (I love this book by Peter McCarty. It has a sweet, simple story and charming illustrations. Lucien insists that we have to get more Henry books on our next trip to the library.)

21. Henry and Mudge and a Very Merry Christmas (Lucien is also very fond of Henry and his big, slobbery dog Mudge. We have been reading whole stacks of these books lately. They are longer, and designed for older readers, but they really hold Lucien’s attention.)

22. Henry and Mudge and the Snowman Plan

23. Henry and Mudge in the Family Tree

24. Henry and Mudge and the Sneaky Crackers

While we were at the library we also picked up several books for me and several for Daddy to read. It is totally normal to have over 50 books checked out on your library card at once, right?

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