photo 3 (76)This week we are so thankful to have Grandpa here! He flew all the way from Wisconsin to spend Thanksgiving with us, and we have been having so much fun together. We have made trips to Barnes and Noble, Starbucks (I’m particularly thankful for that one!) the library, My Gym, the Discovery Center. Lucien blew giant bubbles, harvested pineapples and sold them to Grandpa at the store, and served us both lots of tasty food!

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Lucien and I even got to help Grandpa wrap some Christmas presents for Daddy. Lucien was so thrilled to help – he is such a

photo 4 (61)thoughtful and giving boy. Grandpa made a comment about how it was like a little “Santa’s workshop” in our living room, and then Lucien decided that he was going to pretend to be Santa and pull the presents on his “sleigh” (the extra piece of wrapping paper). He really wanted to deliver Daddy’s Christmas gifts immediately, and was disappointed that we had to wait until it was actually Christmas, so I found a little something (K cups, to be exact) that Lucien could wrap up all by himself and give to Daddy that day. I am thankful that I have such an amazing, kind, loving son!


Lucien continues working diligently on his fine motor skills. At the beginning of the week he reached for his Kumon “Let’s Cut Paper” book and worked diligently through eight pages. Most of the pages feature pictures of animals, so when he had completed the cutting tasks he set for himself he made a “zoo” with all the animals and declared that he was the photo 5 (38)zookeeper. He is also showing interest in the written word and learning how to form letters. I wrote out his name and showed him how he could practice tracing. He concentrated hard, tracing over each letter several times, and talking to himself all the while, describing how each letter is shaped. “C starts here and goes curvy around.” He is still working on his pencil (make that crayon) grip, but his accuracy has been improving greatly over the past few weeks. I am thankful that he is so eager to learn, thankful to see all of the new skills he is gaining, thankful for the way his face lights up with accomplishment.


I found this brilliant plan online for making a popsicle stick catapult. I gathered the necessary popsicle sticks and asked Daddy to procure some rubber bands – which he so graciously did. Lucien was incredibly excited to see those rubber bands. I realize now that the only context in which he has ever before seen rubber bands is at the library. I requested several books through ILL (on our castle theme), and when I picked them up the other day they were wrapped in a rubber band, along with a sheet of paper with my name on it. Well, as soon as Lucien saw those rubber bands he declared that he was Miss Alice (our librarian), and he proceeded to wrap every single book on this book shelf in its own rubber band. Then I carried the books to the check out (his toy cash register), where he diligently scanned each one and then removed the rubber band. After that he reenacted “trick or treat around the library” from our Halloween celebration. I got a basket full of books. Talk about a good treat! I am so thankful Lucien’s imagination and creativity, for all the books we have, and for the fact that Lucien loves to read them with me.


Lucien loves reading books, but he also loves listening to stories. I am the designated reader in our house, and Daddy is the storyteller. He has such a knack for telling a good tale, such dramatic flair, such creativity, and such a sense of humor. He retells old classics like Rip Van Winkle, The Three Little Pigs, Jack and the Beanstalk – and Jack in the Cornstalk. He makes up stories on the fly. This past week he read a collection of classic Japanese children’s stories, and he has been telling them to Lucien. We are gaining international knowledge and cultural literacy! The other night Lucien sat, enthralled, at the dinner table for over an hour while Daddy regaled him with stories of peach boys, toothpick soldiers, and greedy woodcutters. (I enjoyed listening, too!) I am so thankful that Lucien has such a loving, involved, and entertaining dad!

(Another dinner topic this week: explaining to Lucien the difference between a theory and a hypothesis, outlining the scientific method, and then discussing the theories of evolution and gravity. There is always an interesting mix of topics at our house!)


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