Scientific Exploration

It has been a wonderful, fascinating week with my little scientist!

Lucien asked me what rainbows were, so we did some research. We read together in one of his science books about how they form, and why, when light shines through tiny rain droplets, it spreads into all of its different colors. Then we went into the back yard and made our own rainbows with he garden hose! What a fun and educational way to beat the heat 🙂

photo 3 (69)Lucien is also fascinated with weighing and measuring. One morning he got out an entire container of water beads, lined up every single one, and measured with his tape measure. This took quite a lot of time, persistence, and fine motor control on his part. We also weigh and measure baby dolls and measure liquids at the kitchen sink.

Lucien is also pretty knowledgeable about the different states of matter. He told me just the other day that there was condensation on our air conditioner – and he knows how it is formed. I guess all the random science tidbits I share – about how water can exist as a solid, liquid, and gas, and about how water evaporates and condenses – all managed to sink in.

I found the book Owl Moon by Jane Yolen at the library this week. It was a lovely book that piqued Lucien’s curiosity, and led to discussions about nocturnal predators.

photo 3 (69)Lucien’s main interest this week, however, has been the solar system. Our recent trip to the planetarium certainly captured his imagination. I am capitalizing on his interest! We found these resources at the library. We have read about Ms. Frizzle’s adventures several times! He was also thrilled to learn that the Cat in Hat had more adventures with Sally in outer space. When I showed him the book he got very excited and immediately asked, “Is Sally in this story?” We have read through this book multiple times as well. Now I am looking for more titles in the cat in the Hat non-fiction series!

photo 4 (54) photo 5 (34)

photoplanetsWe are making our own model of the solar system on out living room wall using card stock and paint. We have been going one by one through the planets, reading about them in our library books, looking at photographs of them, comparing relative sizes. Then comes the fun part – painting and sticking them on the wall. (Complete with labels – we are working in some phonics practice!) I am impressed with his literacy skills, too. I had all of the planet labels spread out on the floor when I asked him where Mars was – and he grabbed it right away!
photo 2 (78)And we are still doing all of our other regular activities. Music class is always fun – and now especially when we come home afterwards and Lucien pretends to be Miss Kendall, leading the singing and strumming his ukulele, and then giving out stamps when “class” is over, just like Miss Kendall does. He also continues to enjoy my gym – the trampoline and story time are his two favorites.

Library story and craft time is also a highlight. It still cracks me up how they read fall-themed books and to fall-themed crafts when it certainly does not look or feel like fall here! We talk a lot though, about how the weather is changing on Grandma and Grandpa’s farm.

photo 3 (70) photo 4 (55)

photo 1 (81)We also made a trip to Barnes and Noble this week, where we played and read stories for over two hours! Lucien even put on a puppet show for me.





And here is our most recent daily reading log:

1. The Wishing Well (This and the next three stories are all from Mouse Tales, by Arnold Lobel.)

2. Clouds

3. Very Tall Mouse and Very Short Mouse

4. Journey

5. The Cat in the Hat

6. Rosie’s Walk (A fun, simple story by Pat Hutchins.)

7. And the Doorbell Rang (Another Hutchins book which introduces math concepts in a fun way.)

8. Titch (Also by Hutchins, an adorable book about a little boy with BIG potential.)

9. Tidy Titch

10. Titch and Daisy

11. Angelina Ballerina (Lucien absolutely adores Angelina. We are looking for more books about her on our next trip to the library!)

12. Dancing Matilda

13. The Wooden Horse (Our love affair with Usborne continues. This story and the next two are all from the Usborne Illustrated Stories from the Greek Myths. The stories are long and complex, very faithful to the originals, with rich language. Each story is about 50 pages long – but Lucien sits through them and asks for more. I heard “The horse story again!” several times today.)

14. Theseus and the Minotaur

15. Bellerophon and Pegasus

16. Peter’s Picture (An adorable book from our beloved Valeri Gorbachev. This one makes Lucien laugh out loud!)

17. Turtle’s Penguin Day

18. The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System

19. Who Will Be My Friends?

20. Stephanie’s Ponytail


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