More Fun at Our House: Animal Crackers, Band aids, Bikes, and Babies

Lucien read a poem in his current issue of Highlights High Five magazine about animal crackers. He wanted to make animal crackers, so I did a quick search for grain-free, refined-sugar-free animal crackers. They were a rousing success. We used his (washed) play doh table and rolling pin to roll out our dough, then Lucien selected cookie cutters and went to work. When they came out of the oven he told me that he had an animal cracker zoo – and them proceeded to eat most of it! It was tough, but he generously saved three cookies for Daddy to try when he came home from work!

photo 3 (71) photo 2 (79) photo 4 (56) photo 1 (82)

photobandaidAnother random bit of awesomeness at our house. This is Lucien’s Geo Trax train set. Hello Kitty and friends were going on a train ride in the wagons, but there was an accident and they fell out when the train went whooshing down the hill. Lucien was the ambulance driver. He gave all seven of them band aids for their owies. Those are real band aids that he unwrapped and affixed himself. (Great fine motor practice!) Thanks for the box of band aids, Grandma Vera – I knew he would love them!




Lucien has also been spending a great deal of time outside, riding his balance bike. We bought him the bike for his second birthday, but he has only recently shown an interest. But now he is really interested. He is practicing hard, and he is getting good! We were out in the parking lot for literally hours yesterday. He is cruising, lifting his feet up, balancing, going fast, and making some really sharp turns. He decided he wanted to master a skill, and he is doing it. I am so excited for him, and impressed with his determination. He fell off a couple of times, scraped his knee once. “I’m okay!” he said with a smile, and got right back on. Oh, and if you didn’t notice from the picture, baby doll wanted to ride, too. Daddy was kind enough to strap her on using a bungee cord.

And here is our reading list from yesterday. I am shocked by how often Lucien says to me, “another story!” He is such a voracious reader.

1. Who Will Be My Friends (This is by Syd Hoff. Lucien knows and loves his book Danny and the Dinosaur, and I just found some more of his books at the library this week. They are older books, the pictures are very simple, but the stories hold his attention. I find them rather charming, too.)

2. Love is a Handful of Honey

3. The Big Trip (Another winner from Valeri Gorbachev!)

4. Turtle’s Penguin Day (Valeri Gorbachev)

5. Peter’s Picture (Also Valeri Gorbachev … Lucien knows his favorite authors!)

6. Bumpety Bump (This is a fun one from Pat Hutchins)

7. Titch (We read this Pat Hutchins favorite twice!)

8. Titch and Daisy (We read this one twice, too. I think Lucien can relate to Titch.)

9. Tidy Titch

10. Angelina Ballerina

11. Tillie and the Wall

12. Two Ways to Count to Ten

13. The Cat in the Hat: There’s No Place Like Space

14. When I Was Young in the Mountains

15. The Little Red Hen (This and the next three stories are all from the Usborne bedtime collection. More Usborne love today!)

16. Princess Tabatha’s New Trick

17. Button Nose

18. The Miller, His Son, and Their Donkey

19. I Love You More (This sweet book is by Laura Duksta. Lucien wraps his arms around me and gives me a great big hug, just like the boy in the story, which makes it immeasurably sweeter. And of course I give him a great big hug, just like the mom in the book.)

20. When the World Is Ready for Bed


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  1. Chris Gambles says:

    You’re great Lucien!

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