Fall Fun

photo 4 (49)We read in our Highlights magazine about the changing seasons and discussed how and why leaves change color and fall from the trees in autumn (and why our trees here in Hawaii stay green all year long). Lucien wanted to do an art project, so we went outside and found a small branch. Lucien decorated it with colorful play doh leaves. When dad came home he commented to Lucien that the branch looked just like a miniature tree, and then explained to him about fractal patterns. Math and science!

Speaking of math, Lucien and I read a book together called A Dozen Dozen, did lots of counting and adding, and then talked a lot about math terminology – what is a half, what it means to double or multiply by two. Lucien then ran and got out his own half dozen – six shape sorter baby chicks inside their shells, nestled in a half-dozen egg carton. We played farm for a while.

Lucien was so enthralled with his Kumon cutting book last week that I decided to pull a Kumon maze book out of the closet and see if he was interested. Was he ever! He meticulously made his way through the first ten mazes in the book. “Now is this the way to do it? I didn’t touch the edges!”

Lucien wanted to finger paint a picture for Dad, so we went out back to the easel. He dictated a note to me, and then he went to work. He enjoys painting….

photo 3 (62) photo 2 (69)

….. but he gets frustrated when things don’t turn out exactly how he envisioned. He is a very exacting, perfectionistic young man who has a clear picture in his mind of what he wants.

photo 1 (72)The water beads are always a favorite. Lately he has been using them for sorting purposes. Some of our Tupperware is filled with water beads, some of it is filled with K cups, sometimes I am hard pressed to find storage solutions for food!





And here is our most recent reading list. Yesterday Lucien and I read these books together:

1. Grover Learns To Read
2. I Love You, Stinky Face
3. Zack’s Alligator
4. Halloween Parade
5. Where’s the Poop? (Lucien’s favorite lift-a-flap book)
6. Write On, Carlos
7. Freda Plans a Picnic
8. Emma’s Friendwich
9. Percy Gets Upset
10. Camille’s Team (All five of the previous are from the I See, I Learn series by Stuart J. Murphy. We adore him at our house! – all of the characters from See and Learn City, and also his series of Math Start books.)
11. Night Before My Birthday (This is the book I gave Lucien the night before his third birthday. We read it four times today!)
12. Going on a Bear Hunt
13. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
14. When I Was Young in the Mountains (I just found this one in a stack of my old childhood books – a classic!)
15. A Kiss Means I Love You (We read this one three times. Lucien loves looking at the “pictures of other babies.”)
16. Catty Jane Who Hated the Rain (This is based on the Highlights Hive Five character Catty Jane, who appears in several stories that Lucien enjoys – I was so thrilled to find a used copy of this book online!)
17. What Does the Rain Play?
18. Steam Train, Dream Train
19. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

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