Eclectic Activities of the Week

It has been a busy, eclectic week of Lucien-directed activity at our house.  He wanted to work some more on his word wall, so that it stretched “all the way to the door.” We are getting closer – this week we completed pages for J, K, and L. He even offended suggestions about words to add. “Write Leila! Leila starts with L!” (Leila is one of our preschool-age friends.)

Lucien has also been enjoying working with his duplo blocks. This week he decided to divide out all of the square blocks again, sort them by color, and then build towers. He also “graphed” them, arranging them smallest to largest, comparing sizes, finding towers that were equal.

photo 4 (47) photo 3 (59)

Another great graphing manipulative? K cups. He divided them out by flavor a and then “graphed” them on a blanket – we had more math-y talk about greater, less than, and equal.
photo 2 (67)
Halloween excitement continues at our house. A new favorite book is “Where is Baby’s Pumpkin,” which we recently checked out of the library. Here he is reading while holding his homemade pumpkin ice cream. As always, Lucien was co-chef!

photo 1 (71)
photo 1 (70)There has been some seriously imaginative pretend play happening at our house, too. Here, Lucien was pretending to be grandma. The two folding chairs are grandma’s van, the booster is a car seat, and the baby doll is her grandson. He is buckled in safely and eating ice cream from the green container. The boxes of K cups are actually cartons full of eggs. The grandson is helping grandma deliver them to the co-op.

photo 2 (68)Lucien has also been asking me to “play school” with his magnetic numbers and letters. Just yesterday we made up a phonics story – about a hen who lived in a pen and could count to ten, but was afraid of the fox who lived in a den.

And we are now back in the swing of things and involved in all of our usual weekly activities – music class, my gym, library story and craft time, and of course the Discovery Center. Lucien is back at work taking care of the baby dolls. And dressing up, and pretending to be the judge. Order in the court!

photo 2 (66)  photo 1 (69)photo 3 (60)

We also attended “art in the park” outside the Discovery Center. He worked with paint, glue, and yarn to make a couple of monstrously fun Halloween crafts!

photo 4 (48) photo 5 (28)

Lucien also continues devouring books. Here is our reading list from yesterday:

From Frog and Toad are Friends

1. Spring

2. The Story

From the Usborne bedtime collection

3. The Three Wishes

4. The Miller, His Son and Their Donkey

5. The Lonely Giant

6. Best Friends, by Labaronne (We read this four times!)

7. The Pigeon Needs a Bath, by Willems (we read this twice.)

From the I See, I Learn series

8. Write On, Carlos (We read this three times.)

9. Camille’s Team

10. Freda Plans a Picnic

11. Emma’s Friendwich

12. Percy Gets Upset

13. Highlights High Five, October 2014

14. Prayer for a Child, by Field

15. Guess How Much I Love You by McBratney

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