My Young Scientist

photocdeI am in awe of my son’s conversational abilities, curiosity, thirst for knowledge, capacity to ask probing questions.

He loves to have lunch with me at the picnic table outside our house. The other day lunchtime conversation lasted about 45 minutes. We sat out there with his tray of sweet potato slathered in grass-fed butter, peas, blueberries, and grass-fed hamburger. He started the mealtime conversation by saying, out of the blue, “Let’s talk about carnivores!”


Uh, okay. Then he asked me what animals tigers eat. And wolves. And lions. I found myself describing to him the wildlife and food chain on the African savannah. And then I was explaining how zebras are equines.

Then he went on to ask questions about the meat we eat. Where does it come from? What type of meat comes from steers? What type of meat comes from pigs? I found myself explaining how bacon comes from the belly and Boston butt actually comes from the shoulder.

Then he asked about the beef on his plate. Where does it come from? A steer raised on Kulana farm here in Hawaii. How does the body of the animal get ground into hamburger? I explained the meat grinders at the meat market that grind large chunks of flesh into his burger meat. Did the steer eat grain or hay or both? I explained that we buy grass-fed beef and butter for him. Why? Because it is healthier for his body and brain development. Why? I found myself explaining to my two-year-old about Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratios, conjugated linoleic acid, how humans and animals all synthesize vitamin D through the sun, and that Daddy takes supplemental vitamin D because he is stuck inside an office during the day.

Seriously. He was listening intently, and from what I can tell ingesting at least some of this information. He is two years old, for crying out loud! He asks these scientific questions and is genuinely interested in my scientific answers. Heaven help me to home educate this child. I am going to need PhD level knowledge by the time he is, like, five.

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