Toddler Creativity

photo 4 (38)

Just so you know, those pillows are the walls of a hotel room. The bears inside are having a party because it is their birthday. There are presents and balloons and silly party hats to wear.

Lucien’s creative mind is so amazing to me. The other day he informed me that he was playing “dog pharmacy.” The beanie bears became dogs, and they were sick. The bed became an ambulance and he was the ambulance driver. Before he could drive the sick dogs, though, he had to buckle them into their car seat so that they stayed safe. A cardboard box became the car seat. He placed each dog inside and then “buckled” the seat shut with scotch tape so that they would not fall out. Then he drove them to the pretend pharmacy, where he administered medication to each of them and gave them band aids. Once they were treated it was time to drive them back home to Waikiki. The ambulance morphed into a space ship so that it could fly above the Waikiki traffic and get them back home more expediently. (Seriously, he made that up – the kid is so creative, and hysterically funny!)

photo 1 (53)In this picture he is doing sound effects. As the space ship engine starts up it makes the sound “Veeeeee!”








After Lucien was done driving he left the bed and went out to the kitchen, sat down on the floor, and proceeded to build Waikiki with play doh.

The next day, the healthy “dogs” visited the park in their car seat, and even got to slide down the slide.


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