Letter I, Or Not

I have been taking a break from blogging lately. I had some grand plans for our letter I week, but they did not come to fruition. Increasingly, Lucien has been resisting any activities that seem mom-planned in the least. He is very much his own person, an independent spirit. And he is also an active person. I think that he has entered a season in his life that is very active, centered around physical activity. That boy has so much energy; it seems to me that he never slows down. Our typical day anymore consists of a trip to the park to run and jump and climb and swing, a trip to My Gym to run and jump and climb and slide, perhaps a brief break around lunch, and then an afternoon filled with outdoor play at home and another trip to a different park to run and jump and climb and play some more. He has been going full throttle, and I am doing my best to keep up!


photo 2 (48) photo 3 (46) photo 1 (49) photo 3 (44) photo 5 (22)
But Lucien is also, as always, a kind, gentle, and nurturing soul. Wherever we go, the bears must come too. He takes such good care of them, helps them to sit in their cart, takes them for walks, even spreads out a blanket for them before he puts them in the swing, because he is afraid the plastic might be hard and uncomfortable.

photo 2 (46) photo 4 (35)photo 3 (45)
My Gym has been a godsend. We signed up for a free trial class earlier this month, and by the end I was throwing them my credit card, asking for a full membership. We have one class per week, but the gym is also open several days per week for “jungle time,” where the kids can come play on the equipment and run off some energy.

photo 4 (34) photo 5 (21) photo 1 (50) photo 2 (47)
It is a fun and exciting – if exhausting – season in his life. I am busy keeping him active and fed, and we have little time for anything else. Perhaps a few books together or maybe a little bit of play doh upon waking or for a wind-down before bed, and that is it. But I am confident that Lucien knows what his growing, changing body needs, and I can see him learning a great deal about the physical world around him as well as his own body and his capabilities, through his play. His self-assurance is flourishing. I can see confidence and the thrill of mastery in his face. He is growing and learning in just the way he needs right now, and I am doing my best to offer him the opportunities he needs. Then I am sitting back and enjoying the (fast and thrilling) ride.

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