H is for Hawaiiana

First, some adorable pictures. Because H is also for hibiscus. photo 2 (45) photo 3 (43)photo 1 (48) They grow all around our yard. Lucien loves picking them, giving them to me to wear in my hair (so sweet!), and throwing them in the stream to watch them “float all the way down to the ocean.”         Our learning adventures this week ended up having a social studies sort of focus. Lucien already knows his street address, and we talked about how our home is Unit H, and how our city and state of residence – Honolulu, Hawaii – both begin with the letter H, as well. photo 5 (20)He wanted to mail a letter to Grandma and Grandpa back in Wisconsin, so he colored a picture and dictated a message to me, which I dutifully recorded. We then found an envelope, and I wrote Grandma and Grandpa’s mailing address as well as our return address, explaining to him the meaning and purpose of everything I was writing. I explained to him the purpose of a stamp and showed him where to it, and he stuck it on himself. He then took the letter to the outgoing mail box – he knows right where it is – and excitedly sent it off to Grandma and Grandpa.   photobooksOn Monday afternoon we walked to our local library and raided the Hawaiiana section. We found lots of interesting material about Hawaiian culture, history, mythology, flora, and fauna. And lucky for us, there are lots of fun Hawaiian words that begin with letter H, like hula (Lucien loves to dance!), and honu. We also threw in some “beach reading,” because Lucien loves Pete the Cat. Pete at the beach is his favorite. Speaking of the beach, we were sure to enjoy some of Hawaii’s beautiful sandy beaches this week! Lucien is starting to enjoy building sand forts and digging moats. His favorite, though, is still having me bury his feet in the sand and feign surprise and dismay when he manages to “escape.” photo 5 (19)photo 3 (42) photo 1 (46)And of course we went to the Discovery Center this week, and of course we took care of the baby dolls. This time Lucien brought his own two baby dolls along with him because he wanted to “introduce them to the other baby dolls at the Scovery Center!”     We also made a special point to visit the “Hawaiian Rainbows” exhibit at the Discovery Center. (We often do not make it up to that particular gallery, because we get sidetracked by all of the fun things on the first floor!) We explored some of the many cultures that blended together in this Hawaiian melting pot, including Chinese – Lucien is examining the Chinese characters on that giant golden Hand in the Chinese culture exhibit – and Filipino – he was wearing a traditional agriculturalist’s Hat in the second picture. Notice his baby dolls were with him at all times.  photo 3 (41)photo 2 (44) 

We also did a bit of sensory play and art this week. I had been wanting to make slime with Lucien – not because it has anything to do with the letter H, but just because it sounded like fun. We used equal parts glitter glue and liquid starch. Lucien enjoyed the pouring and mixing part, but was not quite so enthusiastic about getting his hands dirty. I should have known!

photo 1 (45)photo 2 (43)

So we used some of the remaining glue for a Heart-themed art project. Lucien loves squeezing the glue out of the bottles, so that is exactly what we did! Child-led learning and exploring is always the most fun!

photo 4 (31) photo 3 (40)

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