F is for Flying to the Farm for Fun with Our Family!

How appropriate that our flight back home to Wisconsin landed on the week we were due to explore letter F! We had an absolutely fantastic time visiting with my parents and some of the family (on Dad’s side) from the Chicagoland area.
Lucien was so excited the day of our flight! He woke up ready and raring to go at 4am. He ran to the door and exclaimed “We go on airplane!” So sweet and so enthusiastic. I tried my best to explain to him what 7:20pm means.
photo 1 (32)
This is what excited looks like.
photo 2 (30)
And this is how we roll in the airport.
Lucien insisted I position his car seat on the cart so that he could ride in it. Which I did. I pushed him all around the airport for entertainment while we waited for our flight to board. Watching the planes being loaded and prepped for takeoff was also fascinating.
A long red-eye flight was followed by a long bus ride to meet Grandma and Grandpa, but all that travel was definitely worth it. Lucien had a blast playing with his grandparents, interacting with all the animals, and exploring on the farm.
He was over the moon to see our dog, Dakota, again, and he was so sweet and caring to the cats, petting them with his gentlest hands
photo 5 (11) photo 4 (23)
He was even worried that Zoey cat might be cold. (It was rather chilly.) “Look, mama, I wrapped up a cat!” he exclaimed with glee.
photo 5 (15)
He was such a big helper to Grandma and Grandpa when it came time to wash and pack eggs. Any time he can be engaged in meaningful work he just shines with joy. As a fringe benefit, he got really good at counting up to a dozen!
photo 4 (27) photo 3 (32) photo 2 (32)photo 4 (26)
We also got to visit the nursing home where Grandma works to attend a farm-themed party, complete with live musical entertainment. Lucien sat with the chicks (which he lined up carefully on the table next to him) and listened for a few songs. Notice he insisted on removing pants and shoes? Shirt and socks were all I could manage to keep on him, in spite of the chill – and I had to negotiate for those! He is such a Hawaiian boy.
photo 3 (30)
Most of the time, though, he was busy and active and not in the mood to sit down. It is much more fun, for example, to ride a trike up and down the ramp on the back deck. Or slam dunk a basketball. (Notice how he is barefoot again?)
photo 1 (35) photo 5 (14)
Or play with the awesome collection of toys Grandma and Grandpa had amassed in their basement. The Duplo ball run and pink princess ride-on toy (Lucien loves all things pink!) were two particular favorites. He also enjoyed having his own desk.
photo 1 (34) photo 2 (31) photo 1 (33) photo 4 (24)
And we were thrilled to see some of the extended family! We are so grateful to Aunt Mary and Great Grandpa for making the drive up to visit with us.
photo 5 (13) photo 2 (33) photo 3 (31)
Lucien helped me to open my birthday presents from my parents, and even modeled some of the clothes for me.
photo 1 (36)photo 2 (34)
Another present my parents got for me? K cups! Lucien might have had more fun with them than me. He organized them, lined them up, stored them in the cup holders of Grandma and Grandpa’s van, put them in a box and brought them to the playground, where he lined them up again, instead of actually playing on the playground equipment.
 photo 2 (35) photo 1 (37)
photo 3 (33)
We had another fun adventure at the local library, where we used to visit every week for story time. We saw our librarian friends and even ran into some other moms and kiddos we knew! Lucien’s favorite part of the library was the train table. Just like old times!
photo 5 (12)
It was a wonderful visit for all of us that ended much too soon, and although Lucien and I are both happy (in some ways) to be home, we are already talking about when we can go back to visit again. Thank goodness for frequent flier miles!
photo 4 (25)
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