Adventures in Gardening

photo 5 (3)Lucien has been doing a fair bit of gardening lately. Visiting Grandpa’s garden and helping to water the plants remains a favorite activity. This past week he even got to pick a cucumber! He also enjoys swinging and climbing at the playground near the community garden. As Lucien says, “Climb up all the way – all the way to sky!”
photo 3 (10)photo 4 (9)
No worries – he had three spotters.
He might just be a budding soccer star, too.
photo 2 (11)
We attended the Little Sprouts garden program at the Discovery Center again last week, and Lucien was thrilled that he got to make and take home his own miniature container garden. He scooped in the dirt and gently placed in the seedlings. The facilitator explained to him that the red ginger he planted grows in the rainforest, so it needs daily watering. What did my sweet little boy do? He ran inside to the rainforest exhibit at the Discovery Center, climbed up to the water table, and told me he wanted to put his planter in the water so that his seedlings had enough to drink. What a caretaker he is!
photo 2 (10)photo 1 (12)photo 3 (9)
I explained more carefully to him exactly what the plants need to grow, and he happily brought his container home. He has been reminding me to water daily! We have discussed the possibility of transplanting the seedlings near Grandpa’s garden when they outgrow their current container, although right now Lucien is a bit to attached and unwilling to part with them.
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