C is for Cars, Cotton, Cookbooks, Counting, and More

This past week has been full of all sorts of Lucien-led play and learning, a lot of it centered around the letter C. We have been so busy that I am tardy in posting about all of our adventures.
Lucien loves his cars as well as sensory play, so I set up a simple salt tray invitation for him. He drove the cars through the salt, enjoyed the process of making tracks and then trying to follow them exactly (hand-eye coordination and pre-writing skills!), and made some pretty cool sound effects. Later we even practiced drawing with our fingers in the sand, and I wrote out a few letters for him. More pre-writing play!
photo 1 (9)photo 3 (6) photo 2 (7)
photo 1 (11)We picked up a whole bunch of C-themed books at the library this week. We ventured to a new library, which was a fun experience in itself. Lucien played outside, running around and climbing on the railings and declaring himself to be Spider-Man.
Cooking remains a favorite pastime at our house, so this week I decided to check out a cookbook from the library (Eat Like A Dinosaur by the Paleo Parents, whose books and website I absolutely adore). I thought it was a fun way to showcase the importance of text in everyday life, and in addition to reading the recipe we got to work with measuring ingredients and math – we halved the recipe. We made their anytime Cookies – it had to be a C recipe! They are sweetened only with banana and apple, moist and absolutely scrumptious. And as it turns out, we shouldn’t have halved the recipe. Lucien finished the entire batch that day!
photo 1 (10) photo 2 (8)
Cooking is a great letter C activity, as is cleaning! Lucien enjoyed washing dishes after we put the cookies in the oven to bake. Water play and bubbles is always a winning combination at our house.
photo 3 (7)The counting bears have made another appearance this week. They are currently joining Lucien as students in Mrs. Snickerdoodle’s classroom. “I see three blue counting bears and two green counting bears. Are there more blue or green? Oh, look, another green bear came to play – how many are there now?” He also brought along his Hex bugs, and lined them up with the counting bears in regimental order. And he brought his snack. As he says, “Mrs. Snickerdoodle don’t mind if students eat during class.” Disappearing strawberries were actually a wonderful opportunity to practice subtraction!
I set up a simple invitation to experiment with colored water (another perennial favorite) and cotton balls. Lucien got to experience absorption and color mixing, and then he enjoyed the sensory experience of squeezing out as much water from the cotton as he could and playing with the wet cotton balls. The simple activities are the best!
photo 2 (9) photo 3 (8) photo 4 (8) photo 5 (2)
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