C is for Car, Cartography, and Cat

photo 5 (1)We started off our C week with a bang! We had a fantastic adventure with Grandma Carmen (Oooh, another C!) riding the Waikiki trolley. While we waited for the trolley to arrive, Lucien got to “pretend drive in the car,” one of his favorite activities.

Once on the trolley, he set to work deciphering the map. I explained all the sights we were going to see. He is such a studious young man!

photo 4 (6) photo 3 (5)

He had so much fun watching the city go by, and then seeing the wide open green spaces of Diamond Head and the waves out in the ocean.

photo 2 (6) photo 1 (8) photo 4 (5)

And then when we returned from our trolley ride, Grandma Carmen bought him a very special present – a Hello Kitty water bottle. Lucien loves Hello Kitty. He has a kitty puppet that he carries around with him and cares for and pets and talks to. He was so happy about his new water bottle that he quite literally danced around the mall.

photo 2 (5)  photo 1 (7)photo 3 (4)

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