Visiting With Grandpa

We had a fun and relaxed week with ‘Grandpa from the farm’ here to visit us. Though I did not take as many pictures as I would have liked, there were a few gems.


The most exciting trip for Lucien was probably visiting the Dole plantation, where he got to ride on a train – the Pineapple Express – with me and Grandpa. He also loved walking through the garden area and seeing the different varieties of ‘baby pineamamles’ growing. I was surprised to learn about the varieties of pink pineapples.

P1040566 P1040567

We also visited the beach and the zoo with Grandpa, fed the fish at the Buddhist Temple, visited with Hawaii Grandpa at his garden, and went on a cruise on a pirate ship.

Lucien is still attempting to make it through the day without napping – his brain is always moving quickly it must be hard for him to slow down, and beside, he is so enthusiastic about life he does not want to miss a thing! – but he was not always successful. The rocking motion of that pirate ship plus a nursing session put him right to sleep. And he slept right through the pirate shouts and cannon blasts.


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