Carrots, Concluded

What a busy week it has been. Lucien decided this week that he no longer needs to nap. I am still attempting to adjust to this new schedule. Blogging has taken a back seat.

Even with the sudden change in schedule, Lucien and I have both had an enjoyable week. I even managed to plan some activities related to The Carrot Seed. We are still sprouting a potato on the kitchen counter. Lucien loves checking on it and pouring water for it. He also loves helping with meal preparation. We ate lots of carrots this week.

With Lucien up all day long we work together in the kitchen a lot more, just out of necessity. He loves it, though, and I am enjoying his company and his help. It seems that everything takes a bit longer and is about three times as messy as it used to be 🙂 , but we have some good bonding time, he learns some important skills and contributes to the functioning of the household, and the work gets done!

We went on a seed hunt at a nearby park. Lucien found lots of different kinds of seeds. We talked about how plants reproduce. Lucien threw some of the seeds he found on the ground into the water. We hypothesized about which ones would sink or float.

a209 a208 a207

As an added educational bonus, we saw the ducks at the pond mating. We did not go into detail about how ducks reproduce. We did, however, talk about eggs and hatching and baby ducks. Lucien still remembers the last batch of ducklings that we watched grow up at the pond.

We also found another reason to love the Discovery Center. Every Friday they open up a small container garden – they call it the Little Sprouts garden – and the kids can come and dig in the dirt, look for worms, plant, and water. Lucien helped plant a cucumber. The highlight, though, was using the spray bottle to water the plants. He was also pretty infatuated with the gardening gloves! We have a new Friday activity!

a212 a213 a210 a211

And this afternoon Grandpa (my father) is arriving from Wisconsin for a week-long visit. I have no particular books or activities planned for the week, we are just going to be focusing on having fun with him. I will, however, try to post some pictures of our adventures.

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