BFIAR: The Carrot Seed

aaaaIt appears that this week I picked a winner: The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss! Lucien has already requested me to read it several times, and he is even reading along with me by memory ….. “And nothing came up!”

This weekend Lucien got to visit Grandpa at his garden, helped him to water, and even harvested some kale, collards, and green onion. We diced and fried the onion up for part of our breakfast and talked about the work that went in to helping it grow. Lucien loved helping with breakfast so much that later in he the day I enlisted his help with dinner. We made a beef, carrot, and egg bake. We talked about how carrots grow underground, and how we are eating the root of the plant.

Following the theme of vegetables that grow underground, Lucien also helped to cut and cook potatoes for his Daddy’s lunch box. He is always so excited and so proud to do something helpful for Daddy. We did, however, abscond with one potato and are seeing if we can get it to sprout.

Lucien is also enjoying his “go-along” books, especially Bear and Bunny Grow Tomatoes, a cute story all about diligence and work ethic.

We will be continuing our gardening and cooking work all this week – though we are sure to always make it fun! – and maybe even exploring some garden-themed art.

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