Jesse Bear, Continued

aphoto1In honor of Jesse Bear, I created a bear-themed game with numbers for us to play together. Lucien has been getting good at identifying numbers (he likes to work with the phone and the microwave buttons), so I figured I would give him some number and gross motor practice combined. The object was to toss the bean bear onto whatever number we called out.

He played for a while, but then my sweet little nurturing boy decided that he just wanted to take care of those bears. Which he did. He was the doctor and then I was the doctor, and we both cared for them while they were sick.

We got out the blocks and built houses for them. They were neighbors. They even had a pond in their yard to swim in and a dog house for their dog, Spot.


He decided that the bears wanted to go to the library, but they were too sick to walk there, so he pushed them in the stroller. We checked out a whole bunch of books and read them to the bears.

a205Lucien is expressing interest in dressing himself independently, so in conjunction with Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? Lucien has been practicing dressing – both himself and some of his friends. He has been working a lot with his dressing monkey, which comes complete with shirt, overalls, socks, shoes, and lots of buttons, buckles, snaps, and zippers. He is sometimes frustrated, but is developing fine motor control and becoming more and more successful. A (partially) dressed monkey enjoyed a picnic in the front yard with the two sick bears.

a201We also had some fun with a magazine that we got over the weekend with that Barnes and Noble gift card – we were dressing up Elmo and talking about seasonally appropriate clothing. My favorite remark? ” Those shoes too hot! In Hawaii, wear slippers!”

a206We have also enjoyed reading Better Not Get Wet, Jesse Bear. And what did we do for an activity related to this book? Why, get wet, of course! We invited a neighbor, because the pool is always more fun with friends.

We made a visit to the Discovery Center again this week, this time with two sick bears in tow. Lucien cared for them and the baby dolls together in the doctor’s office. Then they all went for a ride in the wheelchair. What a sweet, caring, imaginative boy – and boy do I love him!

a204 a203

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