BFIAR: Beginning Our Jesse Bear Extravaganza!

Daddy was off work for Presidents’ Day on Monday, so we had a lovely long weekend as a family. We got to go swimming in the local YMCA pool – Lucien is getting so brave in the water, and loves bouncing, splashing, and “swimming” as I hold him an arm’s length away. He can paddle and kick like a champ. He loves splashing Mama. We also went to visit the Buddhist Temple in Kaneohe. We got to feed the birds and fish, and we had a very interesting conversation with a man who works there as a priest. He is originally from Japan but has been working here in Hawaii for over 50 years. He and Lucien had fun playing peek-a-boo together. Another highlight was seeing the black swans swimming in the koi ponds.

aphotoMonday morning we went on an adventure to Barnes and Noble – Grandma and Grandpa had sent Lucien a gift card for Valentine’s Day, so we found some magazines (National a Geographic Little Kids!) for him, and then Lucien picked out a new toy. (He has good taste – it was a very fun shape- and color-matching egg toy. The eggs all fit into their egg carton, and even “hatch” open to reveal baby chicks inside.) And lucky for Mama and Daddy, there was a Starbucks Cafe inside Barnes and Noble. We got to sit down and enjoy some coffee while Lucien enjoyed playing. That would be my venti dark roast with heavy cream that you see in the picture.

Tuesday meant that Daddy had to go back to work. But it also meant that Lucien and I got to go to music class and dance and sing and bang on the drums. And then in the afternoon we began our Jesse bear extravaganza. BFIAR suggests Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? as a title, but I decided to check out all the Jesse Bear books available at the library so that we could dive into several, and Lucien could decide which one(s) he liked the best. So far it is a toss-up between Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? and Climb the Family Tree, Jesse Bear.

It might be a bit early to say for sure, but it seems like we are developing a lovely afternoon ritual. When Lucien wakes up from his nap he always wants to nurse in “comfy chair.” Then I set down his lunch for him at his “low table” (really just a step stool that we have repurposed) and sit down nearby with some books and begin reading. He reads along with me, eats lunch, gets up and walks around, sits down and takes another bite, looks at the pictures more closely, walks around some more … and repeat for about thirty minutes. We get a lot of enjoyable reading done, he gets a big, nutritious lunch (lately he has been chewing down on grass-fed ground beef, purple sweet potatoes, and bone broth), and he is free to move around to his heart’s content. Lucien is not the type of boy to sit still, be quiet, and listen, and that is fine with me! We are having lots of fun reading all about Jesse Bear’s adventures in this manner. We are doing some fun activities related to the books as well, which I will be posting about soon.

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