Happy Valentine’s Day!

b1Lucien woke up feeling a little bit better on Valentine’s Day! We made a morning trip to the Discovery Center, where we took good care of the baby dolls, of course – that was our first stop!

We also made a fun and easy Valentine sun catcher. Construction paper and contact paper, then voila! Lucien loves anything involving tape, stickers, or general stickiness, so this was a hit!


b2 b7

b3Lucien loved his Valentine’s Day presents. He is always so excited to unwrap a package or open up a box. He got freeze-dried oranges, cashew butter, and kombucha for his sweets.

He was also enthusiastic to help with Daddy’s Valentine’s Day present. He loaded up a gift bag with almond butter and a new pair of board shorts, then he made a handprint heart card with pink and red paint. He also wanted to draw a smiley face for Daddy, so that is what we did. And then we did some more painting, because it is so much fun!

b6 b4

b5When Daddy came home from work Lucien excitedly carried over his gift bag. Such a sweet, loving, caring boy – we couldn’t ask for a better Valentine!

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