Valentine Week Continues

This week is turning out to be a slightly “off” week for me and Lucien. He is working hard on his two-year molars, which means that he is in pain, sleep-deprived, and unhappier than usual. Oh, and he is not interested in eating. At all. He just wants to nurse. A lot.

I feel really bad for him, and I miss his usual cheery, energetic self. We have been sticking closer to home this week than I had planned. Even a trip to the Discovery Center does not entice. All I hear from him is “stay home,” so that is what we do. But I am trying to make home as fun as possible.

My mother once told me that if you have an unhappy child, you should try putting him in water. She was spot on. The pool is out.

a120 a123a121a122 Totally unrelated to Valentine’s Day, I know, but we have been doing a lot of this. (Wait, the pool is pink – does that count?) In these two bottom pictures he was pretending to be a frog. The latest edition of Highlights High Five included a story about kids swimming in the pool like frogs, and he has been imitating them. He even let Mama ‘hop’ into the pool and splash him. 


Sensory play also seems to be a good way to take Lucien’s mind off the pain. We made a chocolate a128volcano. Simply mix some baking soda and cocoa, then add vinegar and watch it bubble! Lucien had a great time making eruptions, then we played and dug in the ‘fizzy mud.’



Speaking of chocolate …. Lucien had never eaten a dessert until today. For those of you who do not know, we are a paleo/primal/grain-free/whole food/nutrient dense/no sugar/call it what you will household. The sweetest thing that Lucien has ever had is fruit. We do not do dessert. But Valentine’s Day is a fun chocolate holiday, and a129Lucien has heard all about cookies from friends and in books, so I decided we would make a paleo cookie recipe as a Valentine gift for Daddy. This is the recipe we used – grain-free and sweetened only with banana. Lucien had a blast. It is a super easy, kid-friendly recipe. He got to pour and measure and dump ingredients into the blender, then stir in the nuts and coconut flakes with a spoon. He helped put the cookies onto the baking sheet and then I popped them in the oven. Delicious success!







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