Valentine Art and More

a119Tuesday morning we went to music class, where we sang and played drums and danced and played with scarves. Lucien loved the visual and sensory experience of running underneath the giant scarf that the parents in the room held up above the children’s’ heads and waved in time to the music. Tuesday afternoon we spent at home, having lots of messy, artsy, sensory fun. Lucien made several marbled heart Valentines. I presented him with a tray filled with gobs of shaving cream and some red paint. Then I handed him a brush and let him go to town, swirling, mixing, and then glopping the mixture on his hands. I even joined in the sensory experience and got my hands dirty – it was creamy, fluffy, scented enjoyment! (The fact that we used aloe-scented shaving cream added a another fun dimension to the sensory experience.)

a117 a113

a114At one point during our art experience Lucien noticed that his palm was entirely covered with paint and declared that we should “make turkeys!” (We did a Thanksgiving handprint turkey craft and for one reason or another it made quite the impression on him – he still talks frequently and fondly about his turkeys.) So I got out a large, clean paper heart, and we made some red Valentine handprint turkeys. I think that heart turned out beautifully – it is certainly my favorite!

When Lucien had his fill of mixing I handed him some paper hearts and showed him how to press them into the mixture to “paint” them. We set them on a clean tray to dry.

a112 a118

And it turned out that cleaning up our mess was a fun sensory (and practical life) experience, too. That shaving cream takes on a whole different texture when you mix it with water.


a115Later in the afternoon we went on a treasure hunt through a bin of beans. Lucien used a shovel to dig and scoop out Valentine-themed erasers. We counted, compared, contrasted, and matched them. Lucien declared the “colorful hearts” to be his favorites.

We are having so much fun with our heart theme this week! I have more art and even some cooking ideas planned as Valentine’s Day approaches.

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