More Monkey Business!

a49First of all, we made more monkey snacks! This time it was banana and carrot “muffins.” (Nothing but bananas, carrots, eggs, and some coconut flour.) Lucien finds them very exciting, though. He loves the metallic muffin tin liners! He placed the liners in the pan, measured and added the ingredients, and turned on the blender. He waited (not so patiently) as they cooked in the oven and then cooled on the counter, and then he got to enjoy some with breakfast. He even shared one with me!


We also got out the reusable sticker pad – the jungle background and monkey stickers – and Lucien went to town. He thought that the monkeys were dirty and needed a bath, so he made them all jump into the pool. He was very proud of the finished product and asked for some tape so that he could hang it up on the wall, right next to another stamping and marker creation he had made and displayed earlier.

a47 a48

a50One of our go-along books is Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Lucien loves the book and the song. I have been singing a lot, and he has been jumping a lot. He also likes to fall down dramatically and bump his head. Here he was jumping with his baby doll. She continues to be a favorite companion.









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