BFIAR: Caps For Sale, and General Monkey Business

P1040531This week we are rowing Caps For Sale. On Monday and Tuesday Lucien had no interest in reading it. At all. Which is fine. We checked out a whole bunch of “go-along” books from the library, all about monkeys, and he is enjoying them immensely. He is very interested in our non-fiction book about different species of primates. The text is far beyond his level, but he is fascinated by the pictures and asks me to name the different species. He is also attracted to the maps (perhaps because I so frequently point out to him on maps where we live, or where Grandpa and grandma live, or where other Grandpa lives), so we are talking a bit about map reading.

P1040538During our Monday visit to the zoo we focused on the primates. Lucien watched intently as the gibbons swung from the tree branches. We also got to see the spider monkeys, lemurs, and the orangutans. The male orangutan – Rusti – was the highlight for Lucien. All morning he was asking me to “Go see Rusti.” The first time we ever saw Rusti he walked right over to the glass, sat down directly in front of Lucien, and just watched us. It made quite the impression on Lucien; he still talks about it. We were also lucky enough to talk with a kind zoo volunteer, who showed us an orangutan skull, as well as molds of orangutan and gibbon hands. Lucien got to touch them and compare his (and my) hand sizes and shapes to them. He has been talking about the hands at the zoo ever since!

After seeing the primates we practiced climbing, swinging, and hanging like monkeys at the zoo playground. Phys ed class!

P1040539 P1040542
a40We also pulled out some toy monkeys and tongs for fine motor, counting, and sorting practice. Lucien enjoyed picking them up and organizing them in his colored cups. Bonus to homeschooling: you can be naked.





P1040546Another highlight of the week has been making monkey food – bananas, that is. Lucien’s new favorite breakfast is a banana pancake. (Just two eggs, a banana, and some cinnamon, fried up in the pan – we are a grain-free household.) Lucien loves to work in the kitchen, and so much of the prep for this recipe he can do himself. He can count the eggs, get them from the fridge, and crack them on the side of the blender container. He can peel the banana and add it in. He can sprinkle the cinnamon. He can screw on the top of the blender container and then blend his pancake. And he can eat the whole thing all by himself. And tell me he is hungry twenty minutes later!

a42On Wednesday Lucien suddenly decided that he was interested in Caps For Sale. He has brought it over several times and asked me to read, so we have been reading. We have also been stacking caps on our heads, just like the peddler. And Lucien has been walking around the house shouting “Caps for sale!”


Of course we played at the Discovery Center again this week. We found lots of hats while we were there.

a46 a45 a44

We also explored pulleys and block and tackle systems. Homeschooling physics!



It is only Wednesday, so I am sure that there will be much more monkey business to come!

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