Happenings, and Two Little Trains, Concluded

So what did the rest of our week bring? More trips to the Discovery Center, lots of water balloons in the back yard, lots of play with GeoTrax, more reading all about trains, a lot of dancing and singing – “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” is an old favorite. Lucien loves marching along to the beat.

We have also been doing a lot of cooking together, and Lucien is turning into quite the adept helper. He loves measuring, counting, and identifying numbers. As in, “We need to thaw this in the microwave for one minute and thirty seconds. Can you press the 1 button for me? Then the 3? Then the 0?” Or perhaps: “I would like to make a three-egg omelette for breakfast. Could you please get three eggs out of the fridge?” Lucien is always eager to work with me and to put his new knowledge to work.

photoa9I think that is also why he loves to ride the elevator at the Discovery Center. He can press the 1 button, or the 2 button, or the 2R button. And there is fun stuff to do at each level! We were there Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week. Of course he took excellent care of the baby dolls. He also discovered a fishing boat! We spent over a half hour in this little boat. Lucien snared some fish and crabs in the net and a91set out a picnic lunch for us, complete with four mugs of bone broth. He then decided that we were going to sail to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. It was a long journey. We needed to get in the Jeep to drive the rest of the way.

At home, I put together an invitation for him to make some train art. We got to talk about colors and shapes and cardinal and ordinal numbers while we glued together our train.

P1040522 P1040526

P1040530Another highlight this week was putting up the “picture train” on the wall in our hallway. Lucien loved helping to stick and smooth out the stickers, but mostly looking at the pictures we placed in the train made him happy. He recognized our dog, Dakota, from Wisconsin, Grandma and Grandpa – as well as their cat, and his Great Grandpa. There were so many happy memories in those pictures, and it made both of us happy to look at them, reminisce, and talk about all of the wonderful loving family members we have! We also got to reminisce about sledding in the snow in Wisconsin, and talk about climate and seasons and weather. I think that Lucien’s favorite photo was of him and Daddy, though, when Daddy was lifting him up to shoot a basketball. “Daddy help slam dunk!” I heard repeated gleefully.

a93And then Friday afternoon Lucien woke up from his nap to find this in the hallway. We had a great deal of fun “driving” back and forth on the track and making sound effects. Choo choo!




We also went on a family outing to the swing park. I conclude with this picture because I love it so much. I hope it makes you smile like it does me. Pure joy!a92

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