Trains and More Trains!

photoz1Tuesday morning was our Music Together class. Afterwards Lucien enjoyed playing piano with friends. Is there a Hungarian Rhapsody for four hands in his future? Perhaps he will become a more dedicated pianist than his mother was …



Our train adventures continue this week. The books I suggested have been a hit! Lucien has asked me to read both Two Little Trains and City of New Orleans at least once daily. Another success was yesterday’s lunch: a turkey train with carrot wheels, riding along a string cheese track and puffing cheese smoke. It is hauling ground beef “coal” in the coal car and peas in the second car. “More wheels!” is what I heard from Lucien.

P1040515 P1040514


This morning we spent at the Discovery Center. Lucien’s first stop was again to visit the baby dolls, but then he sprinted ahead to find Thomas the Tank Engine. He loves ringing the bell.

.photoz photoz2


We also stopped at the construction site to build ramps for the cement mixer. There was our physics lesson!

Otherwise, we have been spending a lot of time at home, doing this. Because GeoTrax are awesome.


Lucien has been very engrossed in imaginary play. He drives his trains to the store and the mill to pick up hay and feed for the animals. He delivers the feed to the zoo, where he has a zookeeper to take care of the animals. He drives his train into the roundhouse and gases it up. He puts his animals in the train cars and takes them on rides over the suspension bridge. He pushes his dump truck along the track and picks up trash and animal poop. He drives through the fire station and sets off the fire alarms. It is so much fun for me to sit back and watch his imagination at work.

I leave you with one more picture from the Discovery Center. Because it is just too cute not to share.



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