123Homeschooling architecture and arithmetic at the beach: how many sand castles did I make? If Lucien knocks over two, how many are left? Just kidding, we really just played, and Lucien laughed at my mock dismay every time he toppled a castle. Then we visited the zoo and watched the monkeys and elephants. A fantastic Monday morning!

Our train adventure is off to a fantastic start as well. Lucien asked to hear Two Little Trains twice this morning, and he also wanted to read another train book with me. We have a book based on the song The City of New Orleans, so I sang and he looked at the pictures.

P1040509And this will be going on in our house all week. Because GeoTrax are awesome. Who cares if the entire (yes, entire) living room has been taken over, this is serious fun!P1040506And yes, my son likes to wear mismatched t-shirts and PJ pants. I think that he totally rocked the camo/cosmos combination. There is some great alliteration! We might have to have a “c” clothing day!



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