His Own Baby Doll

Lucien made a beeline for the baby dolls for fifth visit in a row to the Discovery Center. This time hedoll1 cared for them with all of the “doctor tools,” poured them drinks, and took them for a walk in the wheelchair. And I decided it was time to get him his own baby doll. A baby doll is one thing that we did not bring with us when we moved from Wisconsin to Hawaii, because Lucien was not at all interested at the time. I am fairly anti-clutter, but he needed a baby doll. 

He now has a baby doll. When we returned home dollwith her, he developed an elaborate role play where “we are a family.” Percy (the guinea pig) was the grandpa, Lucien was the daddy, and the doll and I were his babies. He was a very gentle and caring father. And when he was ready for his nap, I had to nurse baby doll, and then he nursed to sleep, still cuddling baby doll close.

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