Day One of The ABC Bunny: Homeschooling Might Be More Natural Than I Imagined!

What a fun start to our week! This morning I introduced Lucien to The ABC Bunny. We read through only part of the book together – it did not seem to hold his attention at all – but he absolutely adores the song. I heard “Play our song again!” At least a dozen time before lunch. It is a rousing success.

We also attended our Music Together class this morning, learned a few more new songs, and played some instruments. The highlight of the morning, though, might have been cooking. Lucien loved helping to prepare our family dinner – a beef and spaghetti squash casserole with marinara sauce. He helped measure out the tomatoes and I explained to him about the different sizes of measuring cups we use. We talked about the different ingredients. He stirred the tomato sauce into the squash and beef mixture, he poured in the spices, he mixed up some more. He is so proud of his role in making dinner, and so excited to tell Daddy how he helped cook for him.

Pre-motherhood I used to really enjoy cooking and developing new recipes. It has been difficult to find the time and inclination to put in so much effort while taking care of a little one, but now that I have a sous-chef working with me I might have to get back into the kitchen more often!

P1040482Lucien has been feeling crafty lately, and he decided that he wanted to design a scrapbook page just like Mama. I love to scrapbook, and am glad that he is picking up on my enthusiasm! He worked diligently this morning, cutting, pasting, painting, and drawing, and you hadP1040486 better believe that this page will be preserved in our family scrapbook!




P1040489But back to The ABC Bunny. That was supposed to be our focus for the week, after all! After nap time I set up an invitation to make bunny ear hats using rectangles and triangles.Lucien jumped at the chance to have ears “just like bunny in the book.” After completing the first hat he exclaimed “That fun! Do again!” We did. I got to wear a hat, too.P1040490

As for the rest of our day, we played with some water balloons, and Lucien engaged in lots ofimaginative play. He tells me some wonderful stories! Lately it has been an ongoing saga about which of his animals are sick or hurt, and who needs a band aid, a thermometer, a nasal aspirator, or a trip to the doctor. He is a very conscientious caretaker.

Looking back, I can see that in the course of a not-terribly-extraordinary day spent mostly at home, we managed to cover reading, the alphabet, music, nutrition, mathematics and measuring, art, shapes, physical education, and health. Oh, and we took care of the guinea pig – animal husbandry! And it was all so fun and natural! This homeschooling gig might be easier and more enjoyable than I had even imagined!

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