Week Three of BFIAR: The ABC Bunny (Intro)

This week we are reading the ABC Bunny. It is a charming book, but I was attracted to it because the author, Wanda Gag, set the words of her book to a tune.
Lucien is particularly musically inclined, so it seemed a good fit for him. He loves our Music Together classes, and knows most of the songs by heart. He sings right on key, gets almost all of the lyrics, and often does the hand motions that accompany them. Yesterday in the car he did a bang-up job on the Itsy Bitsy Spider.
And of course there is the ABC song. He knows it in its entirety and sings it frequently. He also loves playing identification games with the magnetic letters we have on our fridge. I will often hear “What’s this?” When we are in the kitchen together. He will also regularly point to a single letter or word on some printed material in our home and ask me to “Read this!” And if you ask him to identify a letter, he will very often get it correct. He thinks it is quite the fun game, and seems proud of his newfound knowledge. This has been a serious interest of his during the past few weeks, so I thought that now would be an opportune time to expose him to more materials centered around the alphabet. Let week three begin!
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