A “Blue Boat” Field Trip

P1040466Field trip, field trip! The whole family went on a whale watching cruise this morning. And the boat was blue! It was a perfect tie-in to our first week of BFIAR. The rocking motion of the boat made Lucien a bit nervous at first, but we explained to him about waves, and soon he was fascinated watching the water, especially the wake that our boat churned up. He got to sail away from the docks, out of the harbor, through the channel, and into the wide ocean, just like the heroine of our


book. He saw the cargo ships and barges and divers and speedboats and even a submarine! And he got to see the whales. We saw three surface, including a calf. It was a fantastic morning. We even spotted a gigantic manta ray! The stingray was Lucien’s favorite animal in his fishing puzzle, so it was amazingly exciting for him to see one in person.

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