For Christmas this year I requested – and my wonderful husband purchased – a book called “Before Five in a Row.” It is an early learning resource for parents. The basic premise is that you read a story book with your child for five days in a row, and each day do some sort of activity related to the book. The next week begins a new book and a new theme.

Lucien has been learning at home with me since he was born, but this year I am making an effort to provide some more intentional, parent-initiated fun learning experiences. I have no desire to be academic-y or teach-y with him, or to have curricula or lesson plans (my philosophy leans more toward unschooling anyway), but rather I want to make a concerted effort to provide him with new books, ideas, knowledge, and opportunities to explore whatever piques his interest. This seemed like a good jumping-off point. I began my experiment this week, with very positive results, and I decided to also start logging our activities online, as a way to both record what Lucien has been exploring and to keep myself accountable. One of my goals in the new year is to more consciously encourage growth, learning, and exploration in our home. So can I now officially call myself a homeschooling mom?

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