Week 1 of Before Five in a Row – My Blue Boat

We did a very simple introduction to “My Blue Boat” on Monday – we read through the book before breakfast and talked about some of the new vocabulary words we encountered – channel, harbor, swells, cargo, fishing fleet, beacon, lighthouse, rowboat, oars. On Tuesday we read the book again in the morning, and then took a trip to the Honolulu Discovery Center to climb in the sailboat, snap on a life jacket, see the whales and dolphins, and go fishing with magnetic poles – Lucien ran around with his fish on the line yelling “fishing fleet!” On Wednesday we had fun at home identifying and catching sea animals with a magnetic fishing pole puzzle. Lucien was especially fond of the stingray, though he also


had some fond memories related to jellyfish – he remembers seeing them at theWaikiki aquarium with grandpa when he came to visit. We also made a point of seeking out all of the water-dwellers when we went to the zoo. Lucien loves watching the koi fish swim, and we were both fascinated with the axolotl. On Thursday we focused on the letter B in blue boat. I created a sensory tub treasure hunt for various ‘B’s – we used a blue shovel to dig through a tub of  beans for blue


counting bears, buttons, a bulldozer, a chalkboard magnet letter b, a 
fridge magnet letter b, and puzzle letter b. By Friday Lucien’s interest in the blue boat had waned, but we looked at another book – a National Geographic book of aniP1040441mal poetry – and saw photographs of whales, dolphins, stingrays, fish, and coral. We also got out the piece of coral that we found wading in the tide pools and compared it with the coral in the picture.


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